• La Casita Salsa

    Trade Days Section: Lewis Section
    Location Details: Original Pavilion 2, Space 3-4

    Always Come Home to La Casita It all started in a kitchen in San Benito, Texas. My grandmother, or a

  • WHH Ranch

    Family owned & hand made Salsas, Jellies and Chili mixes. All original family recipes. All natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives. The original makers of the Bread & Butter Jalapeno. We call it  “Cowboy Candy” Try our other specialties too! Our Ranch Sauce will not burn or blacken when you cook read more

  • Texas Tea House

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    Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

    Welcome to Our Tea House Texas Tea House, Etc. We present to you over 25 delicious and unique gourmet Flavored Teas,Gourmet Teas, Chai Teas, High Energy Protein Teas and Cappuccinos in an instant tea mix. No Fuss and No Mess. Simply ladle in a few spoonfuls of our tea mix read more

  • St. Lucia Bread Company

    All natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives. We use real fruit in all our recipes and fresh fruit in most! Choose from Several Delicious Flavors. Apple Cinnamon • Apple Cinnamon Nut • Banana Banana Nut • Pumpkin • Cranberry Cinnamon Chocolate Chunk • Pear Bread with Walnuts Each read more

  • Silver Mountain Vinegar

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    Trade Days Section: Lewis Section
    Location Details: Original Pavilion 1, Space 66

    Since 1991, Silver Mountain Vinegar has been filtering their vinegar to the crystal clear state for everyone to see the flavor in the bottle. People have remarked, “It’s too pretty to open!” That’s why we make decorative vinegars in addition to our delicious vinegars for cooking. The decorative vinegars were read more