Lindy brings an eclectic variety of Kitchen and Health related products to Canton every month.

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From health related proven essentials like liniments, lotions, oils, balms and ointments - to the tasty cooking products like their extracts, cooking or salad oils and desserts - You can find Lindy in Canton Marketplace, #64, Row A!

You can reach Lindy at 903.812-2579 or via email Canton Marketplace, #64, Row A - New Location

You will want to try this cooking/salad oil for your next special occasion!

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  At The Kozy Nook, we offer a wide array of gourmet cooking essentials designed to make food preparation quick and easy. Add color, style and personal expression to your home with our large selection of quality, durable and attractive kitchen products.

Beautiful, yet functional Cutting Boards, colorful cooking utensils, bakeware, heat resistant silicone and microwave safe cookware are just a sampling of the items you'll find.


Check out our Coupon for Buy 1, get one 1/2 off on most products (excluding Watkins). Please limit to one coupon per day.

    Canton Marketplace, #64, Row A!