Lindy Antique Mall Retro Metal Chairs and Outdoor Furniture
All Weather Wicker

Beautiful Selection of (All Season) PVC Wicker Furniture
Lindy furniture is manufactured to exacting standards by
Artisans using time honored construction techniques.
 The result is a high quality product, that when combined with our low prices,
makes a perfect addition to any decor.

Cushions in over 30 styles and patterns
PVC/Steel Swing w/chains, Iron Hanging Swing, Iron Hanging Swing
Sun Ray Settee Group
Iron Tropico Settee Group and Montego Iron/Wood Bistros w/Tables
Dog Beds in 4 sizes: 27 x 19, 34 x 25, 42 x 28, 50 x 36
Retro Metal Chairs

ALL Season PVC Wicker Furniture

Lindy Antique Mall is located on the Original Grounds
in the Breezeway Pavilion
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For additional information please call or email Ray or Janet at:
903-489-1967,  [email protected]

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