Specializing in Beautiful Decorative Items For Your Garden
We carry a wonderful selection of Stained Glass, Unique Bird Feeders, Wind Chimes and more....
Assorted Stained Glass array of colors and designs. We welcome custom orders
Standard sizes include 20"x24", 20"x30", and 30"x40".  We can custom size to your specifications
Our Bird Feeders are available in many different sizes and designs and all our feeders are squirrel proof. Our selections include durable and long lasting copper feeders and stained metal feeders. Decorative hangers are sold separately.

Hats Galore...
  ...and more.
Outstanding variety of stuffed Cats in various colors, furs, and adorable poses.

Our beveled glass cross produces a wide array of colors

We are located at Canton First Monday on the Original Grounds in Arbor III, Booth #311.
Print the Canton Trade Days.com map for assistance

For additional information please call or email us at:
936-825-7400,  [email protected]

Visit our website at www.marthasbloomers.com