Oilcloth Goodies
Specializing in Oilcloth Goodies including Aprons, Bibs, Purses, Diaper Bags, Lunch Bags and much more...
Canton First Monday, Arbor III, Booth #315

Oilcloth Aprons

Various Styles & Sizes
Aprons are adjustable

Matching Aprons for Mommy & Me!

Shop our website at www.tatermash.com

Oilcloth Tote Bags, Diaper Bags, Purses, Backpacks & More...

Large Tote Bags
17"x 22"

Variety of Styles & Colors

Diaper Bags
Oilcloth interior, lined with pockets, Velcro closure & change mat. 17" across, 14" tall x 4".

See all our selections at www.tatermash.com


Assorted Purses
Complete with handles, Velcro closure, 3 interior pockets
14" across, 11" tall x 3".

Lunch Bags
Variety of Styles & Colors

Travel Chalk Mats
or reverse for placemat 10"x 26"
Great for travel!

Assorted Bibs
Velcro closure, gingham crumb catcher, finished edges

Kiddie Splat Mat
3ft.x 4ft.

Fifi or Fido Splat Mat
Great for spills from food & water!

Cosmetic Zip Tote
6"x 9"
Shopping Cart Liners
New cart inserts for the sassy shopper! Great for market shopping!
Fits carts measuring 15" front to back, 17" wide, and 21"-24" tall.
Has 2 flaps with 4 pockets for easy access to phone, keys, drink, etc.

Front View

Side View

Front View

Side View

Oilcloth Goodies

We are located at Canton First Monday in Arbor III, Booth 315
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Shop our website at www.tatermash.com

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