Terra Leather Cowhides, Cowhide Rugs, and Leather Accessories

"Branded" Christmas Stockings
Personalize your Christmas with our special stockings!

Your set won't be complete without our 
Christmas Tree Skirt!

Get yours early!

Patchwork cowhide runner with cross-stitched seams
adds elegance to any decor!

Cowhide and Buffalo Rugs are available in different sizes and shapes

Visit us at
Canton First Monday Trade Daysin the
Arbor Atrium / Food Court

Wonderful assortment of beautiful and unique Coasters
Beautiful Cowhide Pillows
Your home is "all natural" with our cowhide pillows, which are available in patchwork or solid cowhide leather.
And that's not all!
We have cowhide purses, clutches, fanny-packs, and duffle bag style luggage..

Great for travel at home or abroad!


Visit our online store: www.TerraLeather.net
Where the city meets the wild West, and the country feels right at home.

For more information contact:

Jon Ann

Weatherford, TX.

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